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Transfer Process

Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is $1,000 per family and must be paid at the time of approval. 

  • New District Transfer Students:
    • Add student(s) to the waiting list by completing the Transfer Waiting List.
    • Print a Student Transfer Yearly Application from website (Link is not active at present time)
    • Email completed application and required documentation to  (PDF format only)
  • Current Students on Transfer
    • All transfer students must reapply each year. However, these students do not have to be placed on the Transfer Waiting List. When notified of approval, parents must complete the steps below:
      • Print a Student Transfer Yearly Application from website (Link is not active at present time)
      • Email completed application and required documentation (applicable for any new student) to (PDF format only).
      • Submit Online Tuition Payment.   (Link is not active at present time)
  • Children of employees:
    • In order for children of employees to enroll as transfers, employee must complete the following steps:
      • Print a Student Transfer Yearly Application from website.  (Link is not active at present time.)
      • Email completed application to (PDF format only).
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: If employment ends, the student becomes subject to non-employee transfer criteria.

What to expect after submitting your application

  1. Once a completed Transfer Student Application including all requested documentation is received, it will be submitted to the Principal of the appropriate campus for approval or declination.
  2. Transfer students are approved for one school year only and must reapply annually.
  3. If the application is approved, in order to secure the student spot, the tuition payment must be made through our website Online Tuition Payment . (ONLY PAY IF APPLICATION APPROVAL HAS BEEN CONFIRMED).  Balance must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the first day of school, no exceptions.  (Link is not active at this time)

  4. Once transfer student has been approved and the required tuition has been paid.  Please click one of the following links to complete online registration for EACH student.

                                     click here NEW STUDENT                click here RETURNING STUDENT
                                       .         Portals Opened July 29, 2021        .

Factors Considered in the Approval Process
Factors considered in approving transfer applications include, but are not limited to: building capacity, current program or campus enrollment, growth projections, grade level enrollment, teacher allocation, professional staff allocations, along with the student’s discipline and attendance history.

All UIL rules regarding student eligibility for competition will be followed. Approval of transfer application does not verify the student’s eligibility for competition under UIL rules. Students in athletics who move from one high school to another are ineligible for varsity competition for one year per UIL guidelines. Students may not transfer solely for athletic purposes and those who participate in UIL athletics must verify eligibility through the District Athletic Director.  

Revoking Transfer
Transfer students are subject to enrollment revocation, if the student does not adhere to all District Policies and Regulations; the Student Code of Conduct, and Attendance Requirements. 


Email or call tuition clerk for questions or concerns at 936-875-9203